We are delighted to have had our Bilton Fields Development feature as a case study on John Guests website. The newly built homes have been installed with JG Speedfit Underfloor Heating Systems, courtesy of our trusted contractor C.D Northage.

Having high quality and reliable pipes, valves and fittings were paramount for these luxury homes.

Installed throughout the homes, the JG Underfloor Heating System’s (UFH) has been chosen due to its quality, energy efficiency and ease of installation. Having previously used JG Underfloor Heating System’s, it was found to reduce longer term maintenance issues, and the components are easy and efficient to work with. With the pipework hidden beneath the floor, more interior design space is available, and homeowners also benefit from reduced heating bills as a consistent temperature is maintained and cold spots are eliminated.

All the properties also have JG Speedfit’s push-to-connect pipes, valves and fittings installed, allowing hot and cold water to flow safely. Additionally, each basin and shower is fitted with a Reliance Valves Easifit TMV to remain compliant with the UK’s Part G of the Building Regulations to ensure users are not at risk of being scalded.

Speedfit make underfloor heating simple as they offer high quality solutions underpinned by unrivalled technical support throughout the UK.  Not only does Speedfit Underfloor Heating create a better use of space, it is more efficient and kinder to the environment, too.

Read the full case study here.



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